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⭐My journey to meeting the wonderful Christina started after receiving my first ever Lomi Lomi massage. Within hours i was talking to the practitioner and asking where can I learn this beautiful form of massage. I was pointed to Christina and straight away there was a connection..

I completed the hot stone massage course last year in 2022 and was welcomed into her Hale straight away. It was amazing to feel the love and expertise come from her teachings and way of life.

I have recently returned to her fold and completed the Lomi Lomi course in Jan Juc at the most amazing retreat environment.

We wanted for nothing, and if it was not there straight away it was brought in within hours.

Daily ritual of yoga and stretching, and singing and dancing was a great way to start the day. Then onto the training and nothing was ever too much trouble.

If you weren't sure you'd ask and was always greeted with a warm smile and "how can i help you?"

I cannot recommend Christina and her teachings highly enough.

The 4 nights and 5 days were so special and the friendships formed are lifetime bonds.

As everyone has mentioned, I too am humbled to be a part of Christina's Ohana. XX

If you get the opportunity to train with this lovely lady please do so as you will never be disappointed.

Duanne A March 2023 Retreat at the Summer House.

⭐Just finished LomiLomi Training Retreat with Christina - such a wonderful experience! The days were full on, the place was fabulous and the people - well, we became a family during the course! The massage itself is a miracle, but in packed with yoga, organic food, and Hawaiian culture - it became one of the best adventures in my life so far. Thank you so much, highly recommend to everyone interested in massage and spirituality. Mahalo!

Ilya, July 2019

​⭐If even a hint of you suspects you might enjoy this, I say 3000% go for it. I'd like to humbly say that Christina provides a wholesome, warm and friendly environment, that's great to enjoy and discover. It's truly helped me and evidently many more to engage thoroughly, individually and freely with learning thier chosen subject and as a bonus focussing on enjoying the retreat aspect has healing benefits. There is beautiful nature around the happy, beautifully petit community. I felt always support and nourishment while attending. Christina installs confidence in her peers by living the Aloha authentically and it's been a pleasure and honour to be welcomed with open arms into an outstanding ancient art. 

A highly knowledgeful, warm and polite individual. . .Highly Recommended

Tessa October 2019

⭐ I recently attended the foundation course with Christina and it was transformative. I wasn't sure what to except going in but the course and Christina's knowledge wisdom and care surpassed anything I could have imagined. The group worked as a unit and did everything together, we laughed, cried, loved and experienced parts of ourselves that we didn't even know needed to be experienced. This course not only gives you a comprehensive foundation to perform Lomi Lomi massage but it is a spiritual healing experience that teaches you about the meaning of aloha and how you can embody that in the way you live. To say I enjoyed this course would be an understatement and if you are looking for something to open your mind and heart I can not recommend this course enough.

Celeste November 2021

⭐ As I reflect over the time looking thru these pictures of a special week spent together with, “Beautiful souls with Aloha to shine and share” to the universe.

My heart is bursting with happiness, love, joy & tears. You guys are special in so many ways & you have no idea how you allowed me to heal further from my past.

Love you guys unconditionally and will always be there in any way or situation that you may need me, love always.

M Smith November 2021

⭐ If you’re looking to pick up a new skill and meet beautiful people in a warm and safe space to grow, learn and share then look no further. I’m so grateful to have experienced this retreat with Christina. I met and made amazing new friends and it’s incredible what you can learn in just a week. Christina is a colourful, entertaining and nurturing soul and also an incredible chef!! I loved our trips to the beach and learning the meaning of Aloha and how to incorporate that not only in the special practice of Lomi but into everyday life. An experience you truly won’t regret.

F Kay January 2022

⭐ After contacting Christina in regards to this course, it was almost instant clarification that this was the course for me… we were divinely connected and the relationship flowed from the beginning … warmly welcomed with healing food, comfortable, accomodation, not to mention the outdoor spa and of course Miss Maggie 🐈‍⬛ ❤️

Christina genuinely practices what she speaks. Her passion was evident in her wealth of knowledge of the ancient traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. As a yogi myself I felt blessed to continue my daily practice with her not to mention some morning latin 💃 I look forward to embracing her teachings as I move forward in my healing work and may we continue to learn and grow together sharing our passions of Lomi, food, yoga and Unconditional LOVE. We are Ohana.

Fiona May 2022

What a wonderful training experience. Not only were the group I trained with the most beautiful and funny people ever, but we bonded like family straight away. I received so much love, patience and invaluable teachings from Christina, she was amazing!

So if you’re looking for an authentic Lomi massage course to add to your existing skill set or just starting out in the massage field, I would highly recommend ALOHA Hawaiian traditional teachings, Ho’oponopono & Lomi massage training.

Sam H January 2021

Most definitely recommend the retreat with Christina. So many layers and deep facets to this beautiful practice and perspective, imparted with genuine Aloha and extensive experience. Not only have I connected into an ancient wisdom and healing practice, I’ve extended my family of kindred spirits. A truely memorable week with life long friendships made.

Leslie T February 2021

I am truly grateful for an amazing opportunity to learn the art and philosophy of Ho"oponopono and Lomi massage. The experience was liberating, nourishing both for the body and soul and Christina creates such a loving, professional, inspiring setting and every moment was truly cherished and a life enhancing chapter for my life 🙏🌈☀️💕 Our new tribe , our extended family our nurturing love, our soul food and nourishing food, our conversation and guidance by our facilitator Christina was amazing!!! 🙏🙌☀️🌈

Libby D July 2019

I loved the course so much

I can't express enough how much enlightenment I received from it.

Yes I was on a roller coaster but I was safe and protected very much so .

I love you Christina

Thank you for all that you have done and all that you will continue doing to spread the love and light across generations.

Hannah July 2018

Thank you so much Christine for a wonderful Lomi Lomi Retreat. You have such a big heart... Was inspiring to learn such an ancient and beautiful healing art in a nurturing and supportive environment. Highlights were divine massages, 'flying' on the beach, stunning sunrises, and delicious food. I highly recommend this course...

Nyree S July 2014

Christina & her husband Mick were very welcoming, we wanted for nothing, food for days, comfortable bedding & with the outdoor spa & a short stroll to the ocean very relaxing.

Christina’s knowledge not only of the ancient traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage was extensive but I especially loved her yoga sessions to be very enjoyable. Unlike any other I’ve experienced. Awesome stretches & great music.

I met amazing woman whom are now part of my extended OHANA.

Judi D March 2021

☀This retreat is so much more than learning massage. It is a journey to your heart and beyond☀

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