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ALOHA DRU YOGA classes on the Bellarine.
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Introducing a gentle flowing graceful form of yoga (like tai chi)
For people in their mature years...New middle age.....and for EVERYONE
people Who are un-fit, in-Flexible, with chronic back or joint pain and for people who want to get their YOUTH back.

YOGA 2019 Term 3

WEDNESDAYS 11am - 12.30pm
91 The Parade

What is Dru Yoga?
Dru yoga is a graceful, potent and therapeutic form of yoga. With its foundation set firmly in ancient yogic tradition and a modern approach to cater for 21st century needs.
Dru yoga is suitable for all abilities and fitness levels.  

If you enjoy a gentle and flowing sequence of yoga postures, then this could be for you. At any level of practise we always emphasise the process of attaining stillness within each movement.
0409 960 323


During our time together, we will explore yoga moves and grooves to connect to the peace within yourself, and to gain flexibility of the spine,as a healthy spine is one of the keys to a long and healthy life.

How is Dru Yoga different?
Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes classical yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breath work), mudras (gestures), positive affirmations, empowering visualisations and powerful, flowing, dynamic sequences.Classes are tailored to an individual level and usually contain Energy Block Release sequences, graceful yoga sequences, pranayama, relaxation and Dru Meditation.

What is unique about Dru Yoga?

  • Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement (as in tai chi). This creates flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy.
  • Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs) are easy-to-practise, flowing movements that help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • In Dru Yoga all movements originate from the spine because a flexible, healthy spine supports your entire yoga practice.
  • The spinal wave and spinal twist are core features of Dru, enhancing spinal health and vitality.
  • A deep understanding of core stability is a major focus.
  • Dru Yoga works to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body) and access the powerful energy of the heart.
  • Within the flow of movement, Dru Yoga creates powerful moments of stillness which we call ‘Dru points’.

I have been practising Dru yoga for 7 years and having tried many forms of yoga previously and at the end of the classes always felt unsatisfied because I couldn't do the poses. 
I found Dru Yoga in December 2009 and loved it so much that it led me to take up the training as a Dru yoga teacher in August 2015.
I love it mainly because of the flow and movement that really resonated with me, and the most important thing is the satisfaction that I have from the practice, being able to do all the movements and postures. The Dru practice brings awareness to the breath and to the body and is a fresh, mindful, flowing, gentle and relaxing way to live life to its fullest.

Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes:
*classical yoga postures (asanas)
*pranayama (the science of breath)
*mudras (hand gestures)
*positive affirmations
*empowering visualisations
*powerful sequences
All performed in a flowing and dynamic style. 

Dru Yoga classes are tailored to the level of the individuals within the class and usually contain:
*Energy Block Release Sequences (EBRs)
*Flowing yoga sequences
*Dru Meditation.

What does 'Dru' mean?
Dru comes from the Sanskrit word dhruva, which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation. In this stillness we are able to sit back from anything that may be happening around us, and see and act from a point of clarity and inner calm.

'Within every movement there is stillness, and within stillness all can be accomplished'
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Verse 17

Yours in health and mindfulness

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